Kingdom Death: Monster Fight Optimization


After another round of Kingdom Death: Monster, I found that the weapon optimization tool I built in my last post here was invaluable. However, it was missing one thing. How does each weapon fit into a team composition?

In KDM, whenever you go out to hunt a monster (or whenever you are hunted by a monster) you can take up to 4 survivors to try to slay your query. Each survivor can be equipped with a weapon which helps them wound the monster. Survivors can also forgo a weapon and opt to fight the monster “fist and tooth.”

As I mentioned in my previous post, each weapon brings its own stats to the table. I was interested in how different combinations would affect the outcome of each battle. Would equipping a team with four bone blades be better or worse than equipping a team with only their fists and one bone axe?

The shiny app below allows you determine which team comp is better. You first select your monster, then your weapons for team a, then your weapons for team b. Hit the go button and 1000 hunts of your monster with your selected weapons are ran and compared. The simulations take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (there’s a lot of sword swinging and arrow slinging going on behind the scenes).

At the end of the 1000 battles, four graphs should be produced. the top left graph shows the number of turns it took to slay the monster. Top right shows how many times you hit the monster, but may not have wound the monster (more in depth explanation of how attacking works in KDM here). Bottom left shows the wounds inflicted on the monster. Bottom right shows how many times you may have critically wounded the monster.

These graphs let you take a peek at how the distributions look for both of the team compositions you selected. For hard statistics, click on the second tab. This allows you to compare teams via averages and standard deviations on key attributes.

Hope this helps you ease the blow of future KDM campaigns

Happy Hunting,
– Marcello
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